Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Music for the Mind of a Tired Body

I've been so tired these last few days. Actually, drained would be a more appropriate word. I've come up with ideas for posts but fear I lack the mental clarity necessary to bring them into fruition. That's okay, I've been taking notes. I can wait, I'm patient like that. :-)

So, what have I been doing? Hmmm... I've been listening to a lot of music. In fact, I'm sitting here with headphones on right now. "If you like pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain..." Yeah, I confess, I've always loved that Rupert Holmes song. My daughters and I had a conversation about it just a week or so ago when it came on the radio.

"I don't get why you like that song, mom. It's about a guy who's going to meet someone else at a bar because he's tired of his wife (or girlfriend)."

"Is it? Is that really what the song is about? I mean, when he's at the bar, his wife or girlfriend is the one who walks in to meet him."

"Right. So, like, she was planning on cheating on him, too. How can you like a song like that?"

"Because the song is about being in a relationship with someone without really knowing them. Both of the characters in the song were looking for someone new with whom they shared things in common because they didn't realize the person they were already involved with shared those same likes or dislikes."

"How can you be in a relationship with someone and not know things like that about them?"

And so we talked about how important communication is in a relationship... again. That's the way it goes in this house. Always questions. My children keep me on my toes. I do okay... until they need help with algebra.

Speaking of music, I just discovered Ani DiFranco
the other night while browsing another artist on YouTube. I'm not sure how I feel about her yet. I did find this video and I think I like it. :-)


Faith said...

Great post. I know what you mean by "Music for the mind of a tired body" Recently,I have felt the same way. I have ideas in my head, but there is too much going on w/ holidays and family to really write much. Music so often can express what I am feeling anyway.
I like Ani DiFranco.:) You might also like Anais Mitchell. She is from our area. Her voice is a little quirky, but her lyrics are amazing, I think. Here is her Myspace link.
And I also liked that Rupert Holmes song. I hadn't thought of it in years....Thanks:)