Monday, December 8, 2008

"All that counts, nothing more, love is what we came here for..."

I've been sitting here in tears for the past hour. Maybe it's hormones, maybe it's stress... but I think there's more to it. See, I've been thinking about the illness in our society -- in our world -- about how deep it goes and how much suffering it causes. Sometimes I just say, "F*ck! How the hell are we going to change this?"

Yes, we are all different -- but we're all HUMAN. We're all in this together. What has happened to compassion? When did we start mistaking sex for intimacy? How did we breed so much apathy? When did materialism, sexism, racism, fundamentalism, violence, greed, war, hatred, and fear become fashionable? Sometimes I swear I'll snap and run wild through this town smashing televisions, knocking over magazine stands, and throwing tar on designer clothes. You know, pull one of those "Jesus in the temple" moves.

Think for a moment about love. No, I mean REALLY get in touch with that warm, intense sensation that fills your heart when you truly LOVE another deeply. Do you remember that feeling? Yes? Now, think about what you see in the world. How much love greets you when you walk outside your door? How much love do you feel when you're watching television? How about when you're driving in traffic?

It's either LOVE or it isn't. Nothing except LOVE counts. If you're not seeing LOVE everywhere, then what are YOU going to do about it? Yeah, YOU. It starts with a single individual -- just like the Whos down in Whoville. Just like Martin Luther King, Jr. Just like Gandhi. Just like Siddhartha. And yes... just like Jesus.

By the way, did I happen to mention that I LOVE YOU? Yes, all of you. And I wish the very best for you... always. I wish you joy, abundance, peace, health, security, warmth, laughter, and -- above all else -- I wish you LOVE. Okay... I'm going to listen to some "happy" music now. :-)

Open The Door

(Michael McDonald)

We're lost, baby, that's ok
We may not always understand
We may not always know the way
We can cry and we can hurt sometimes
But we both know what's important
At the end of the line
It's not always the case that we know just what to do
But when it comes to me and you

We've both been here before
So let love open up the door
What love will surely show us
Ain't that what we came here for?
So let love open the door

Maybe it's time that we hold on tight
In each others embrace
We might just see the morning light
'cause when we touch
It's like a brand new start
It's there we find the music in each others heart
And we might just discover that we don't always see what's for real
Love is somethin' that you feel


We've both been here before
So let love open up the door
What love will surely show us
Ain't that what we came here for?
It ain't nothin' new
Just a chance to finally see this love through
This love has one purpose (and)
Never asks for anything more
So let love open the door

Sometimes words only mean so much
They don't say how we feel
They don't keep us in touch
It's too late once we drift apart
All that's left are the pieces of two broken hearts


Love is sweet, love is kind
Love will open up your mind
Let love open up the door
All that counts, nothin' more
Love is what we came here for
Let love open up the door


Faith said...

I am lucky to live in a small town somewhat sheltered from "illness"in our society...Your post is so moving, and really made me stop and think. So, yes, let's spread the love where we can. Thanks for the lyrics. And I am wishing you and yours love too:)