Sunday, December 7, 2008

Just the facts, ma'am...

I haven't been around because sickness visited with my family recently. Each of us, one at a time, have suffered from a stomach virus. I'm always the last to become infected and I either suffer longer or five times worse than everyone else in the house. This virus... it hammered away at my defenses for five days before my immune system crumbled.

Since I'm still not up to par, this blog will be something easy. You know, one of those things that gets forwarded on MySpace or in emails to friends. In other words, this is mostly for self-amusement and may be of no interest to others. :-)

I am: a wife, a mother, a friend, a poet, a jewelry maker, a group owner, a philosopher, an energy worker, and a student of life.

I think: too much. I've realized that I often get so caught up with the thoughts and ideas in my head that I don't truly experience all of the wonderful moments in life.

I know: how to read a map better than most of the men I've known. :-)

I want: this nation to become a place I'm proud to call home.

I have: three children who always know how to make me laugh... even when I don't want to.

I wish: for LOVE to fill the hearts of every being. LOVE is the answer, you know?

I hate: to hear someone chewing.

I miss: being young, healthy, and energetic.

I fear: nothing except fear itself.

I feel: loved... but often misunderstood.

I hear: Open the Door by Michael McDonald.

I smell: the warm, musky scent of a fragrant candle.

I crave: inspiration.

I search: for open minds, loving hearts, and compassionate souls.

I wonder: if my ex-husband will be convicted at his trial this month.

I regret: nothing.

I love:
my husband, my children, my friends, walking through cool creeks on a summer day, clean sheets, making others laugh, crushed ice, evening thunderstorms, the sound of a crackling fire, chocolate-covered strawberries, the smell of freshly ground coffee, and so much more!

I ache: to the core of my being when I see people suffering.

I care about: freedom of choice, the separation of church and state, medicinal marijuana, the homeless, the poor, national health care... I'll stop here. :-)

I always: remind myself that everything is in divine and perfect order.

I am not: coming back to this planet next time around unless some major remodeling takes place.

I believe: "that robots are stealing my luggage." ~Steve Martin

I dance: with my daughter's when they have parties.

I sing: when I'm 100% sure no one can hear me.

I don't always: say the right words to convey my feelings.

I fight: the urge to buy more books... I do so on a regular basis.

I write: when the mood hits.

I win: at Pictionary 90% of the time.

I lose: addresses and phone numbers.

I never: lie.

I confuse: Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, and Brad Pitt sometimes.

I listen: to others and try to really hear what they are saying and feeling.

I can usually be found: browsing
around in the card aisle of a store for at least thirty minutes.

I am scared: of bugs, flying, and other drivers.

I am happy about: The shift I've felt since the recent election.

I need: my family, my friends, my computer, my books, my music, my coffee, and my tea.
("I love coffee, I love tea. I love the java jive and it loves me!")


Faith said...

Great post! I really enjoyed reading it and now want to make my own list. I think you and I are similar in many ways.(Except I am at times hopeless with a map!:)) I hope you are feeling better. It seems to me that mothers are always the last to fall ill, and are so worn out by then that it takes much longer to recover. Have a cup of tea and rest;)

Oberon said...

....i invite you to join.....globalove think tank.