Thursday, June 11, 2009

Up for the trip?

Good day, my friends, and please accept my invitation to Paradise. It's a beautiful place where there are no worries, no stresses, and happiness and love echo in the air. You'll visit sites from the past that contain joyful memories. You'll be given a peek into a future of endless possibilities. You'll be in awe with the sheer wonder of being alive!

While enjoying this utopia, you'll realized what a blessing you are to the world. You'll learn that you are lovable and loved ALL THE TIME. Yes, even when you're sad, angry, ill, incurably clumsy, confused, or just plain lost. Why? Because there's only one YOU in this whole, entire world!

You'll also remember what it is you've been sent here to accomplish -- to be the most perfect version of you that you can be. Everyone occasionally goofs up or handles a situation in a less than perfect way, that's expected. If not for error, how would we learn and grow? Just stand back up, dust yourself off, and try again. Besides, if you did everything perfect the first time, wouldn't life be rather boring? The joy is in honing one's skills, taking each step from amateur to expert. Yes, that pertains to all areas of life: your relationships; emotions; self-expression; career; etc.

Please, grab your tickets and hop on board. There's no need to pack a thing. Come as you are... for that's the only way to travel to bliss.